Alex and Damon sit down in a noisy bar to discuss the LA Auto Show, Automobility LA, and who is plotting to kill us.

We're back from the LA Auto Show and out of our tryptophanic haze to discuss's decision to go open-source to avoid troublesome regulations, Elaine Chao's appointment to head up the DoT under the Trump administration, NHTSA's letter to GM about Cadillac's SuperCruise, and more. 

Alex, Damon, and Ed chat about's decision to cancel its first project, the cognitive dissonance between the ideal world and reality, and what's to be done about data.

Tesla's big Autopilot announcement leaves more questions than answers, but it's the picture of clarity compared to LeEco's U.S. launch this week. And are journalists complicit in killing people when they report on the problems with autonomous technology?

Alex, Ed, and Damon discuss the Tesla Autopilot situation in Germany and at home, Apple's reported decision to scale back Project Titan, and why Silicon Valley is so obsessed with AVs.

Alex, Ed, and Damon are back to discuss the realities of AV adoption, how horrid drivers ed got us here, and where the hell we're going to charge all the EVs coming out the Paris Motor Show. Also, Ed explains his latest Tesla reporting despite a dim audience and Alex continues to be annoyed at how often he agrees with Mr. N.