The National Transportation Safety Board is charged with investigating crashes of America's trains, aircraft and automobiles, and is now turning its attention to automated and semi-automated driving systems. Member Christopher Hart joins Alex and Ed this week to explain how his experience as a pilot and aircraft safety investigator informs his approach to autonomous and semi-autonomous car safety. 

Alex, Damon and Ed discuss Maslow's Hierarchy of Transportation as viewed through the Tesla Model 3 and Alex's screed on Elon Musk's asymmetric war against the auto industry.

Jordan Hart and Bradley D'Souza set a new record for driving from LA to New York in a Tesla using the Autopilot system. In this episode, Alex–the previous record-holder–and Ed interview Hart and D'Souza, breaking down the strategy and secrets of their record-setting run.

Dr. Maya Rockeymoore, president and CEO of Global Policy Solutions, sits down with Alex and Ed to discuss the effects of automation on transportation workers across the country. Minorities and those with high school educations are set to have their livelihoods upended, and technology leaders and regulators need to begin taking action now to avoid disaffecting massive swaths of the population.

Alex and Ed sit down with Greg Rogers of the ENO Center for Transportation to discuss its latest report, "Beyond Speculation: Automated Vehicles and Public Policy". The trio tackle the regulatory hurdles and continued confusion surrounding AVs, and how companies and legislators can be better stewards of the technology.