On the latest episode Alex, Kirsten and Ed laugh at George Hotz's hilarious takedown of GM's investor deck, evaluate GM's in-car marketplace, debate the wisdom of making cars compete with smartphones, and learn about the latest Lyft-Nutonomy on-road AV trial. Throughout the discussion of all these different topics, a single question lingers: is it better to build up a perceived leadership position now and risk disappointment down the road, or is it better to keep quiet and manage expectations in order to surprise and delight when autonomous projects are actually ready?

Alex and Ed caught up with Indy Car racer and automotive intellectual JR Hildebrand at the LA Auto Show, leading to a series of conversations about the intersection of auto enthusiasm and autonomous drive technology. In this episode JR explains how he got involved with autonomous drive system development at the Stanford REVs program, describes what it's like to teach robots how to race and drift, and ponders the evolving relationship between freedom and safety in the context of a potential "war on human driving." At a time when car enthusiasts often feel left behind by the race toward autonomous mobility, JR's passionate defense of human driving and his valuable contributions to the very technology that threatens to replace it show that enthusiasm and autonomy need not oppose each other.

Alex, Kirsten and Ed all got together in person for the first time ever at the LA Auto Show last week, where they recorded a bunch of upcoming interviews that will run in upcoming installments of the show. In this episode, the gang recaps the highlights (and weird-lights) from LA, discuss a viral tweet from one of Waymo's engineers and preview an upcoming discussion about the future of driving enthusiasm with IndyCar racer J.R. Hildebrand. This marks The Autonocast's shift from a single hour-long episode to two half-hour episodes each week, starting with a topical news-discussion episode and finishing with an interview-based episode. 

As the gang gathers in Los Angeles for Automobility LA, we bring you a special Thanksgiving episode... in the sense that it almost didn't happen because of Thanksgiving. This week Alex tells us about the Florida Autonomous Vehicle Summit, we discuss the relationship between infrastructure and autonomous drive technology, we theorize about the Nürburgring of autonomy and we compare road deaths to avocado toast.

The latest in a long line of Tesla events was perhaps the most dramatic spectacle the world of automobiles has seen in decades. This week Kirsten explains what it was like to experience the even in person, while Ed and Alex fight over what it all means. Does it make sense for Tesla to build a Semi? Does it matter that they have never delivered on the promise of 100% solar Superchargers? Is it even possible for a car to accelerate from zero to sixty in under two seconds? 

As Kirsten predicted on the last episode, Waymo is indeed deploying actual driverless cars that people will actually be able to get rides in (if they live in the Phoenix area). This week the gang discusses this momentous development, as well as the recent crash involving a driverless shuttle in Las Vegas. Also, we're soliciting suggestions for LA Auto Show/Automobility coverage... but we don't yet have a contact email set up. Please tweet us your suggestions for now @TheAutonocast.

The Autonocast is experimenting with new episode formats, and this week our show is half news discussion and half guest interview. First up Alex, Ed and Kirsten discuss the latest developments in the autonomous drive space, focusing on the new alliances between the auto industry and the high tech sector. Then Jim McPherson, who is Twitter famous as the autonomous car-obsessed lawyer behind the @SafeSelfDrive account, joins Alex and Ed to talk about autonomy and the law.

Kirsten Korosec is one of the reporters you need to follow if you want to stay up on the latest in the world of mobility technology. This week she joins Alex and Ed to discuss the new "educational campaigns" from Waymo and Intel, Car & Driver's new ADAS comparo test, NVIDIA's new supercomputer for autonomous cars, and Porsche's new subscription service. Get used to her signature mix of tough reporting and sassy insight, because you'll be hearing a lot more from her on future episodes.