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#56: City Series #1: Avery Ash of INRIX

In the words of Dr Sven Beiker, the important question is not when autonomous vehicles will be deployed but where they will be deployed. As autonomous drive technology matures and companies get closer to deploying, the question of where autonomous vehicles can have the most positive impact is becoming more important than ever. To explore this question, we're kicking off a "City Series" here at The Autonocast that will look at the challenges and opportunities facing autonomous mobility in different cities and regions. To kick off this series,we're joined by Avery Ash of INRIX. Avery explains how INRIX developed a ranking of cities most likely to benefit from shared autonomous electric vehicles, where the data to make these decisions come from and how companies and municipalities alike can work together to ensure that the future of mobility has as positive an impact as possible. The INRIX study referenced in this episode can be found here.

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