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Bonus Episode: The Future of Cars and Mobility Through The Eyes of 13 Year Old Twins

The typical guests on The Autonocast is a mover-and-shaker in the auto industry or mobility technology space, often the founder or high-ranking officer of a company in the space and usually a seasoned professional of some kind. But while we were in Tel Aviv for Mobility Week, we came across two young men who do not fit into our typical guest profile but whose understanding of the space blew us away. Avi and Rafi are 13 year old twins, friends of the show (and the sons of a friend of the show), and sharp observers of both cars and mobility technology. Their precocious grasp of the issues and contrasting perspectives on some of the biggest controversies convinced us to record with them, and as you can hear on this episode we all had a blast. It's fascinating to imagine the world of mobility technology in which these young men will find themselves as adults, and based on their keen insights it's hard to imagine them not someday becoming exactly the kind of professional we typically have on the show. Hopefully in twenty years we'll still be recording Autonocast episodes, and these perceptive young men will be able to join us once again.

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