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124: Carmera and Renovo on CES

The Autonocast's CES coverage rolls on, with another conversation recorded from our Ford Fusion on the show floor courtesy of Avis Budget Group. This time we are joined by the sponsor of our CES party Ro Gupta of Carmera, as well as Chris Heiser and Jason Stinson of Renovo, who talk about the subdued tone around the autonomous car and mobility technology sector at this year's CES. We were all a little bit tired and drained from the amazing party that we threw the night before with Carmera, but that didn't stop us from coming to a provocative insight into the much-discussed autonomous drive "trough of disillusionment": behind the ups and downs of public perception, a lot of business and investment in the space continues as usual. Maybe we're actually overhyping the hype cycle? 

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